Warehouse 51 Productions believes in innovation through collaboration and is now working with over 20 UK and international producers and production companies.

Together, we are exploring compelling stories, gaining unprecedented access and travelling the globe to locations that take us from the Wilds of Africa to the catwalks of China, and from the remotest British overseas territories to the heart of one of America’s biggest ports.

Our aim is simple. To produce the highest quality Factual and Factual Entertainment programming.

Carl Hall


Taking Stock

Former Parthenon founder and Sky Vision MD Carl Hall talks to Clive Whittingham about the future of the distribution business, the stressed UK market, the BBC, factual funding and the work of his own indie Warehouse 51.

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    Made in China

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    T. Rex: Ultimate Survivor

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    Dino Death Match

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    Area 51: The CIA's Secret Files

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    ChuckD talking about
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    Britain's Treasure Islands

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