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Britain's Treasure Islands

Explorer Stewart McPherson travels 70,000 kilometres by RAF planes, ice breakers, freight vessels and the last working Royal Mail postal ship to undertake the first journey in history to all 14 UK Overseas Territories – Britain’s far flung, little-known islands scattered across the globe.

We follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest names in history, including Charles Darwin, Earnest Shackleton and William Bligh to relive their stories and hear their voices. And we revisit the ancient past in the territories’ rich and colourful heritage of castles and forts, shipwrecks, Roman amphitheatres, Greek temples, Polynesian petroglyphs and Amerindian pictograms.

Through this series, we visit fresh, visually spectacular locations, many of which have never been filmed before. And through an exciting mix of new natural history, intriguing human history, travel and adventure, the extraordinary heritage of Britain’s secret islands is revealed for the very first time.

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