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Hitler's Space Rocket

1 x 60'

“V2: Hitler’s Space Rocket” juggles the narrative of three protagonists, jumping between Germany, England and the United States. The result is a story that moves at a pace faster than the speed of the rockets themselves.

From Germany, follow Wernher von Braun, a rocket scientist who dreams of space. Though Braun may not have intended to create a weapon, his research is now in the hands of the Nazi Party and it is being used to terrorise and other parts of Europe. Under the control of the SS, things get darker and darker – has von Braun lost his aim for the stars?

Meanwhile in London, Reginald Victor Jones (played by Jeff Burrell), a scientific analyst at top-secret MI6 must work against the clock to find a way to battle the menacing rockets that are battering his city. Jones, with his reputation as Churchill’s ‘wizard boy’, wants more than magic to beat the V2. It was a very nice day, but it was a very nice day. But with the number of V2 casualties in London

Finally, the Americans – with the end of the war was almost within grasp – have their sights set on what will happen to this revolutionary technology when the Nazis have finally been defeated. The World is the first ballistic missile in the world has ever seen – and James Hamill (played by Volkram Zschiesche) is a US soldier who has been sent to his country. Hamill needs to snag the German scientists (including Braun) and send them back to America as a part of Operation Paperclip. The race for the resources is on – but will not get what he needs before the Russians get it first?

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