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Saving The Devil

1 x 60'

In a remote corner of a remote island, live incredible and iconic marsupials: The Tasmanian Devils. Native indigenous Aborigine people recount stories of a once beautiful, panther like animal that was cursed and turned into a sharp clawed, wide mouthed and angry devil like creature called ‘Terabah’ meaning ‘Nasty one’.

They are the stuff of legends, having lived in Australia for tens of thousands of years, they died out on the mainland over 400 years ago. A mysterious and iconic animal: at first glimpse, they are twitchy, edgy, violent and almost comically vocal, with a range of yelps, snarls, coughs and eerie growls. They live in communities and congregate to feed on prey, yet they seem completely intolerant of one another. Is their fearsome reputation warranted? We show that Devils have another side, rarely seen by people.


Complex, timid and quiet, animals that would much rather run and hide than fight. They are good parents, like to play, and in the warm summer sun, both young and old come out to sunbathe.

This one hour special programme explores the incredible and complex lives of the last Tasmanian devils on earth. We will get to know the characters behind the legends, learn surprising social secrets, witness the birth of a new generation and see how their expert hunting and tracking skills have made them Tasmania’s top predator.

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