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Trading History

6 x 60'

Treasures tell us about the history of the world—that’s what makes them special and desirable. They are a piece of the past we can touch, hold and own. Trading History uncovers intriguing family history through the prism of auction house artifacts and dedicated research teams that go behind the scenes to confirm the authenticity of the item, uncovering biographical information about the finder, the owner and the maker.

Each story is told using generous amounts of rare and colorful archive, packed with history and amazing facts. Getting up close and personal with famous figures from history such as Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, Churchill, Hitler, Queen Victoria, and many more, Trading History uses auction houses to bring treasures to light after being hidden away—sometimes for decades. For many items, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these items before they disappear into private collections.

This six part series unearths extraordinary objects drawn from every corner of the world and reveal the amazing hidden histories behind them.

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